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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Dania Espinoza reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
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It's a great school!!!!
My kids and I have gone there for 3 years as of now and it is so fun. My children have learned about respect, discipline, and self-defense.

Elmyra M. Cruz reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
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My son had a party here.. it was a lot of fun.. very affordable!! Master Michael Lujan and the rest of the staff are amazing �!!!!

Dominique Livas reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
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Had the pleasure of watching the first Black belt ceremony. You can tell everyone there is like family. Master Lujan is active in the community and very well respected. People of all ages and different walks of life go there to be trained by him. Coming from Korea and seeing the same pillars of Taekwondo being taught put a smile on my face. Great place to bring your family if anyone is interested in martial arts!

Martha Quispe reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
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Love this place! Awesome instructors good music and the best workout ever! One of the best fitness class hands down!

Debra Butler-Rew reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
via Facebook

Excellent! From the front staff to the instructors. They give � instructions. They care about their students and instruction.

Mayri Villegas reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
via Facebook

Simply the best place to exercise...! 💪🏼👍🏼 I'm so happy to be part of the Warrior team 😊 Thanks Michael, Nick and Brenda you guys are awesome....!

Yolanda Quinones reviewed Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness Center
via Facebook

I've searched for a place a very long time and when I found this place, I was like... "where have you been all my life". The atmosphere is great, positive energy and the people who attend all have the same goal. But better yet, the fact that we all motivate each other is the best feeling in the world.

On another note, there is no other place where you can bring your kids without having to pay a fee and they are in your sight. At Warrior, I can bring my kids, which means... no excuses not to go, they are in my sight, so I know they are safe and they love going which makes it stress free for me.

All the employees of Warrior are friendly, professional and caring and they have the Customer Service talent right up front and centered. This is so important to a business and they are doing a great job in keeping me satisfied as a client.

This is the place for me and for others like me who have a need to be fit and healthy and don't have to be away from your kids, win, win all the way!

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Benefits of Taekwondo

Tae Kwon Do means “The foot and hand way of life”, but of all the martial arts Tae Kwon Do is focused mostly on Discipline, Respect, and Personal Growth.

I want to share something else with you.

No kid is a bad kid. It is imperative to look at how you look at your child. How you label a child will determine the expectations you provide for them. We all live up to our labels. Most of the time, it is us who has to listen to understand what kids really need. Kids need to move their bodies to drain energy. That makes it easier to focus the mind. Put those two together and the heart can do its magic. Often enough, they just need guidance. Plant the seeds now for future growth and watch your child bloom.

The benefits for kids are as follows:

* Fitness

* Focus

* Self-Control

* Socialization

* Confidence

* Respect-which often carries into school (bowing, answering with ”Yes Ma’am or Sir’: and waiting for instruction)

* Improved Grades

* Improved Behavior

Things to Consider before you decide:

Deciding to practice Tae Kwon Do is like deciding on owning a pet. It must be a family decision. Have a family meeting and discuss all the pros and cons such as the benefits and cost. It is important to understand WHY you want this. What exactly is it you are looking to gain? That will be your motivation to keep going. If your why is not strong enough you will likely quit when the going gets tough. Discuss the roles and responsibilities each person will undertake. For example Mom and Dad will drive to class while the children will listen in class and practice at home. Answer the question, “Who will do what, when, where, and how?”

Lastly, will you be able to nurture this decision?

Will you be able to apply the following?

1. Consistency?

2. Commitment?

3. Apply the Values/5 Philosophies of Tae Kwon Do?

What it takes to help your kids succeed in Tae Kwon Do?

Why Consistency? In today’s fast paced world the one thing kids tend to lack is consistency. There is so much information thrown at us, so many options, and more demands than ever before. Yet, we don’t have more time. With so much on every parent’s plate, certain things tend to get skipped or put off. It happens and it is going to happen. But how often it happens is up to you. We all know kids definitely need structure but consistency is what keeps that structure strong. They must get to class. They must set a time to practice to improve their abilities. It needs to be a constant effort until it becomes a good habit. Then consistency becomes second nature for your schedule and for their behavior.

Why Commitment? It seems that people are always looking for a quick fix to behavior issues, fitness, or health. Honestly, there is no such thing. Things take time to become issues and they take time to change. Tae Kwon Do is not a quick fix. It is effective and there will be some immediate results but it is in no way the “quick fix”. It is very hard for any child to succeed without the support of their family. Tae Kwon Do cost money. It is an investment into your child’s growth. It will take time to bring them to class. It can also give you time if you want to drop them off and pick them up after class. A lot of people quit once they earn their black belt. They think that the goal is achieved. That is fine if that was your goal. Getting a black belt is no easy feat and it is a great accomplishment. But, if you are looking for substance, stopping at black belt is not the way. Once they achieve black belt the next phase begins. Now they will learn how to lead others. They have now gone from taking direction to giving direction. Tae Kwon Do can be so much more than “The foot and hand way of life” and better behaved kids. It can create confident and effective leaders.

Why Values/5 Philosophies? So many experts claim you need so to do so many different things to raise a happy kid. This is a very fear driven and ineffective way to think. Most information is contradictory such as giving a child privacy vs. not giving them privacy. Pushing them vs. don’t push them. Get them into every activity you can vs. make them commit to at least one. The truth is that there is no right way. Every child is different and every family is different. There are some things I can promise you that your chi Id needs. They are Unity and Connection. The easy way to have this is through your family values. It is important that you follow the values you want to instill in them. You know they don’t listen to what you say. Kids watch what you do. You are their most important example. If you choose Tae Kwon Do, I strongly advice you adopt and add the 5 philosophies to your values.

The reasons being:

* They Build Character

* They can use these philosophies anywhere they go in any situation

* They are easy to understand and to follow. Simplicity is key

* They can be beneficial to them throughout their whole life

* Unity of family practicing the same values